Other People's Stories

Some stories belong to specific people…but, when those people are gone, the stories should be passed on, even if the new teller isn't nearly as good at the task.

In that spirit, I offer some of the best stories that I've heard from other people.

A Memorial Day visit to a cemetery inspires tears and a laugh.
Ellen and Grandma Hickok at the Cemetery

Before he became a famous humorist, H. Allen Smith couldn't get to work on time.
Mr. Smith Is Late for Work

Hippies are panicked by camo-clad guys carrying machetes.
The Battle of Gooseberry Neck

Veal Parm isn't always what it seems to be.
The Best Veal Parmigiana in the World

For the first time, Harry Brehme brings a deer home from his hunting trip.
The Weaponless Hunter

Justice may depend on who's crossing the street.
The Case of the Jaywalking Judge

A photo shoot is interrupted by ravenous gulls.
Seagulls Don't Have No Etiquette