Twice-Told Tales

This section contains a small selection of miscellaneous writings.

First is a poem titled "Baseball and Ballet: A Debate," which I wrote when I was 15 or 16. That's followed by a New Bedford version of Cole Porter's ""Let's Do It."

The next two items are from my old blog, ""Hickok SportsThoughts." The first, "Lady Rams? Hey Ewes!", is a lighthearted but sneaky-serious piece about how women's college sports teams are named. The second, "Gay's Okay, but Tongue Is Out," looks at the difficulty of buying a certain NFL player's jersey.

Then there's a poem, "Grounds for Complaint," that I wrote for a special occasion…sort of.

That's followed by a trio of sports-oriented poems that I wrote as a columnist for a weekly publication, Greater New Bedford Sports and Entertainment, in the fall of 1979.

"Time Will Tell" is one of about 150 humor columns I turned out weekly for the New Bedford Standard-Times Sunday magazine, "Bowsprit."

Finally, there's a flight of fancy that I wrote to amuse one of our clients at Southeasern Advertising Agency.